Mental Health Foundation

Keith Leslie has chaired the Board of the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) since 2014. He has been pivotal in developing sound governance for an effective, rapidly expanding research and policy charity dedicated to good mental health for all.

MHF's response to recent challenges demonstrates why this matters. First, unprecedently high donations have enabled, indeed required, MHF rapidly to innovate and expand in delivering its strategy of preventing mental ill health. This development has been securely based on sound strategic underpinning and governance oversight already established and on cooperative engagement with others. Second, merging a corporate training business with our research oriented charity required skilful bridge building between cultures and governance styles. Keith has been key to this, benefitting both elements of MHF. Third the Covid 19 pandemic has raised intense new mental health concerns. MHF has been able to provide timely research and pertinent advice through combined efforts of staff and Board expertise, with clear focus and lines of communication maintained by the Chair.

Keith's style is inclusive, his vision steady, his analysis clear, his skills well directed, his commitment profound. And he is successful!