Katherine Woollard

National Trust

Katherine joined the Trust in February 2021. In the 16 months she has been with the National Trust she has given us a clarity of vision for digital which we have not had before. She is able to explain digital development in a way that makes sense to all of us, across our wide and diverse specialisms, and has secured the unanimous backing of our executive team for our ambitious but achievable 3-year digital strategy. Katherine is deeply audience focused and has taken the time to understand the uniqueness of the Trust, ensuring that the digital strategy is based on our members’ and supporters’ real needs. She has changed the way we look at digital from being technology focused to putting customer experience front and centre. She has been instrumental in the delivery of a new website, new holidays website and new sales funnels both individually and through leadership of her team. She is a champion for data-driven decision making and, alongside her work in refocusing our existing digital teams, has developed and delivered an Innovation Hub to test and learn with new and emerging digital technologies improving our future digital investment decisions.