Kate Gent

The Leprosy Mission

Kate Gent is Creative Content Producer at The Leprosy Mission. Working behind the scenes, she has driven our organisation forward in best practice for fundraising content production. She is committed to ethical content gathering, striving to portray an authentic voice, and enabling people to tell their own stories in their own words. She seeks to empower the people we serve across Africa and Asia, by ensuring that dignity and power balance is not compromised.

Kate has worked tirelessly to develop not only her own skills, but those of colleagues and overseas partners. During and post lockdowns, Kate has sourced freelance photographers and videographers in-country to obtain quality content. Kate’s thorough and clear briefs, along with her warm and graceful approach, puts field teams at ease prior to shoots. All of this means we have been able to create more fully immersive appeals, tell more stories and engage supporters with a variety of issues across different countries, without travelling ourselves. In the last two years, The Leprosy Mission has seen record-breaking income. There is no doubt that the strength, tone and quality of the stories, photos and video content produced by Kate have played a vital role. She’s our Unsung Hero!