Just a Period

Lark for Wellbeing of Women

Millions of women experience severe period pain or heavy bleeding, but many are dismissed and told it’s “just” their period. Wellbeing of Women asked Lark to devise an empowering campaign to tackle this stigma, and help women and girls find the right treatment and advice.

Despite a razor-thin timeframe (and budget), we delivered a complete campaign, including a hero video focusing on four women and the life-changing impact periods can have, plus separate case study videos for each.

Lark developed the majority of campaign visuals using input from Wellbeing of Women’s online community. We also created a series of educational articles for their new online periods ‘hub’, social adverts, a TikTok video and a social media toolkit.

Just one month after launch, all major targets set by the charity had been beaten. Supporter feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and the year-long campaign has given Wellbeing of Women greater engagement than any of their previous communications.

Although we didn’t have the usual budget for TV advertising, DOOH, radio or other platforms, together we produced an incredible campaign that garnered national media coverage. Most importantly, it’s now helping thousands of women and girls get the support they need.