Just a Period

Lark for Wellbeing of Women

Millions of women and girls in the UK experience severe period pain or heavy bleeding, but many are told it’s “just a period”. Their symptoms are dismissed by their GP, they’re told they’ll eventually grow out of them or they have to fight to get a diagnosis – which can take many years.

So, in April 2023, Wellbeing of Women – the UK’s only charity funding research into and raising awareness of women’s reproductive and gynaecological health – asked Lark to create a campaign to tackle this stigma, to help educate women and girls, and empower them to get support for severe period pain and/or heavy bleeding.

The charity also wanted to raise awareness of period injustice with a campaign that could be used to lobby health service decision makers to prioritise menstrual health. Central to this campaign would be a hero video, a film with one unifying concept to bring together a diverse group of women, conditions, symptoms and experiences.

The goal is to help as many women and girls as possible know when their symptoms are being dismissed, and get faster diagnoses, better treatment and the care they need.