Golden Lane Housing

For 20 years, John Verge has worked for Golden Lane Housing (GLH) and was appointed CEO in September 2018. GLH provides homes for over 2,000 people with a learning disability across the UK, with a vision of a world where everyone with a learning disability has opportunities to access good quality housing that meets their needs. John has passionately dedicated his career in various senior roles to support the growth and viability of the organisation.

Under John's leadership, a new five-year corporate plan was developed to support improvements in services and record-breaking growth. John has placed tenant's safety, well-being and engagement at the forefront of our work, and he has enhanced the governance of the charity through new structures and new trustees.

Staff are at the beating heart of the organisation, and GLH values are central to its work. John has prioritised organisational culture and staff well-being, which has resulted in GLH being in the UK top five best non-profit companies to work for.

Over many years, John has devoted time to influence government housing policies, and in his current role as chair of the Learning Disability Housing Network remains committed to influence national housing and welfare policies.