Jewish Care Benefits Team

Jewish Care

The Team has successfully supported people to gain financial support with housing, disability equipment, carers allowance, transport, Pensions, Tax, disability grants, and employment support, which they are entitled to, but may not know about. People who come to us may be too overwhelmed with the content and language of the official forms and their own personal situation. Often this includes supporting people who are bereaved, at the end of their life, are lonely and isolated, had a recent diagnosis of dementia, health conditions, degenerative illnesses, or have experienced a life-changing event.

This team of volunteers work with compassion, dedication and empathy, dignity and respect to support or enable a person to claim benefits that will help to maintain their independence. During Covid, our Benefits team continued to offer their services in person and via online support. In the past year the Benefits Team has assisted 306 people and their families. As an example of their impact, The Benefits Team is often successful with back payment requests for PIPs, pensions etc. Helen for example helped a client who is over 80 years old to receive a refund lump sum of £45 000 and to claim her pension for the first time.