Jennifer Spencer

Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust

Jennifer became Chair in January 2021 and has worked tirelessly to support the Trust's employees and volunteers to make great strides in the last year. Jennifer has also represented the Trust in meetings with a large variety of partners, sponsors and similar organisations to assist with the Trust achieving its charitable aims and objectives as well as enhance the sustainability of the Trust after the financial difficulties caused by the pandemic.

Refusing to rest on her laurels, Jennifer bolstered the Trust by undertaking trustee recruitment in summer 2021. This resulted in the appointment of six new trustees as well as the creation of advisory panels to further enhance the systems and processes surrounding the variety of work undertaken by the Trust. The expertise added in this recruitment has already started to pay dividends. Jennifer has gone way above and beyond the expectations of any Chair, providing countless hours of support through meetings, one-to-ones, interviews that could not have been conducted by staff in the existing structure. This outstanding level of passion and commitment, and the excellent results achieved in 2021/22, make Jennifer a very worthy candidate for Charity Chair of the Year.