Jennifer Drewer

Phab Life

In 1991, Jenny started volunteering. She was 14 years old and has volunteered ever since! For thirty years, Jenny dedicated time, passion, and energy challenging inequalities experienced by people with additional needs, particularly learning disabilities. She has been determined to make a difference and a difference she has made, to many individuals, carers, families, and communities. At first, she involved herself in the running of a Youth Club for all – what she achieved described as a ‘revelation’ by one family with three children, one with profound physical disabilities, as all participated on equal terms. In 2012 she opened a Charity Shop, with “fingers crossed and a credit card”. Her aim, to provide a real workplace environment and offer opportunities for people with additional needs to contribute by giving their time and seeing how they are valued. Within one year it was self-sufficient and run by over 30 volunteers, 90% having additional needs. In 2019, faced with a waiting list of people seeking opportunities, Jenny came up with the idea of The Phabulous Café. She successfully bid to take over a community café, raised start up and refurbishment funds and saw it open in April 2021. She is an unsung hero!