Jane Powell

STAMMA, the British Stammering Association

Jane Powell has transformed the British Stammering Association, STAMMA, since taking the helm in June 2018, with vision, planning and persuasion. She has expanded the focus from therapy and support, to a vision where stammering is seen as just another way of speaking. She has been the catalyst for individual and group initiatives to talk about stammering and, in so doing, has transformed the lives of others. As part of navigating a 5-Year Plan she led an award winning rebrand, launched a warmly acclaimed new website, ran innovative campaigns ‘I Stammer’ and ‘Find the Right Words’. Built a brilliant and empowered team, strengthened operations, procured over £500,000 of pro bono support and £300,000 in new grants to support this turnaround. New supporters have risen from 39 per month in 2018 to an extraordinary 187 in 2021. Membership has more than doubled and support services fivefold. In 2021 there is the space for people to say, “I stammer” and for mainstream discussion about stammering. Chair Tim Fell said, “She has the determination to create social change and the intellect to focus on what matters; the power to persuade; the character to inspire loyalty and commitment. As CEO she has been outstanding”.