Jamie Laing


In January 2024, RNID partnered with Radio 1 presenter and entrepreneur Jamie Laing, who's struggled with tinnitus for over eight years, to raise awareness and funds for tinnitus research. Tinnitus affects over 7 million UK adults and can be triggered by stress or over exposure to loud noise. RNID sought to engage a wider and younger audience to dispel the myth that hearing issues only affect older people.

Jamie, with his broad appeal and large social media following, was an ideal partner. He participated in RNID’s Silence Tinnitus campaign in February 2024. The campaign produced content including awareness and fundraising films, and a guide for tinnitus support.

Jamie’s involvement generated significant media coverage and social media engagement. His video story was published in the Daily Mail Online, OK Magazine, and LADBible, and he appeared on Good Morning Britain. RNID’s Tinnitus Guide saw over 21,000 downloads, and the RNID Call Centre experienced a 300% increase in inquiries into tinnitus. Jamie’s tinnitus story video received over a million views and substantial engagement on social media. The campaign raised money to fund research at Newcastle University. This collaboration significantly boosted RNID’s visibility, support, and mission to improve the lives of people with tinnitus.