Jamie Burt


Jamie is a young third-sector leader who has been serving as the director of the mental health charity Ponthafren in rural Mid-Wales since late 2022. Despite taking on the leadership of an organisation with a budget deficit, Jamie has successfully secured additional funding, including winning a county-wide service provision tender for the first time in the charity's history. Jamie has implemented new methods of collaboration with other organisations and has been instrumental in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. His strategic goal is to establish a health and wellbeing center that promotes mental health as equally important as physical health and is accessible to everyone in the community.

In addition to his role at Ponthafren, Jamie also serves as the Chair of the Powys Community Voluntary Council (PAVO) and holds four other trustee positions. As a young trustee, he actively encourages other young people to take on voluntary non-executive roles. His dedication to the third secor is unparalleled.