The Brain Tumour Charity

In a year where leadership has required vision, determination, diplomacy and grit, Jack Morris has delivered all these qualities as he has embraced and built the role of Chair. He has moulded The Charity and Board, always leads with cheer and grace, whether from the front or from a position of subtlety on the sidelines. The grit that has been required comes from a place of acute sadness the pain of a father losing his daughter. Emily Morris' personal tragedy, in the hands of her father, has become the vital stimulus that helps converts grit into diamonds. Jack has been a diamond among leaders, surely a fitting tribute to his daughter and quite simply, life-blood to The Brain Tumour Charity. Jack has been an inspiration, a power and now a pathfinder to get us through COVID-19 in a style of quiet confidence and comradeship. A vital facet of Jack's leadership is an ability to delegate in a way that truly achieves giving people the space and freedom to grow and develop their ideas. He has shown that he has the ability to hold all the reins and encourage volunteers and staff to give their all for the cause.