Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief UK

In 2021, Islamic Relief experienced a record-breaking year raising over £38.6 million. Despite the unprecedented impact of the pandemic and financial strains of the UK economy, Islamic Relief was able to reach and support millions of people in struggling communities across the UK and the globe continuing to alleviate poverty, empower communities, and respond to disasters.

Despite it being the second year that the charity was operating during the pandemic, we had an incredibly successful year where our fundraising efforts reached more people than ever. As the pandemic continued to impact the ability to fundraise in person, the charity nimbly adapted and raised ground-breaking figures during the key month of Ramadan through improved digital efforts across all channels, raising £17.6 million. The charity contributed towards transformative climate change efforts and projects both at home in the UK and abroad as well as contributing both funding and awareness towards the cost-of-living crisis in the UK and strengthening our partnerships on the ground.