Iris Taylor

Jewish Women's Aid

Jewish Women’s Aid is so proud to have Iris Taylor as our longest standing volunteer. She has been a loyal, helpful and inspirational volunteer for the charity for thirty years. Iris is 81 years old, has two children and three grandchildren and lost her husband 13 years ago. She is solely responsible for assembling the rota for our vital free helpline service.

She assembles the rota for the helpline every two months and call up to forty people for this. She is never hurried or pushy but has a gentle and caring approach. By asking after the helpliners welfare, she has developed bonds and they appreciate her calls and concern for them. Iris ensures that the rota is covered so that the women suffering from domestic abuse and social violence have someone to speak to and that they can access our services through the helpline and become empowered and supported to move on with their lives. Iris feels that is it an important volunteering role and is pleased to be able to do it. She feels strongly about this and believes ‘it’s a mitzvah (blessing) to do this’. Iris is well organised and efficient. She always has a positive attitude.