British Stammering Association

'I stammer' was bold outdoor campaign seen by an estimated 13.2m people, was designed to shake off the notion that stammering was something to hide, and prompt the viewing audience into thinking about stammering in a new light. The blocking and stammering text forced the reader to pause, to focus in order to read the message. Clashing colours made the advertising stand out. The call to action simple, 'join us'.

Our adverts carried the simple message I stammer in letters blocking and carrying across several lines with our new logo and name. The flexible typography of the words 'I stammer' created spaces to educate the world about stammering, space to show the thoughts and frustrations people have when they stammer. In the spaces, we placed the quotes that were collected from our members 'Don't interrupt me, I'm not nervous, it's how I talk, 'Don't hang up on me.'

The campaign morphed from text based ads in June-Sept 2019, to bold portraits on International Stammering Awareness Day in Oct 2019, was an outdoor campaign that brought the British Stammering Association into the modern world � energising members, providing a fresh and authentic insight to the lives of those who stammer.