Hyde's Successful Tenancies team

The Hyde Group

The Successful Tenancies team is Hyde’s homelessness prevention service, working with Hyde residents at risk of eviction.

The team provides services ranging from money and debt advice, dedicated welfare benefit specialists to resolve complex benefit issues, and employment support. Tenancy sustainment specialists work to ensure that our residents receive appropriate health and social care support, and employment advisors help residents secure training and employment. Since the start of the pandemic, the team has worked with 3,247 Hyde residents, securing £6.9M toward housing costs, and £2.3M additional income for residents through increased benefits, debt consolidation and grants. 1,027 residents were supported to access health and social care services, and 194 of our residents secured new employment. In addition- to address specific needs arising from the pandemic, the team launched new grant programmes, including a sector leading rent relief scheme and expanded provision of early tenancy support to people in 30 new local authorities. The team also developed a free to use award winning webapp to support Universal Credit (UC) claimants. Despite only being launched in November 2021, it is already used by more than 70 organisations across the UK.