How the RAF Museum Shop delivered record-breaking sales

Royal Air Force Museum

When national restrictions forced repeated Royal Air Force Museum closures throughout 2020-21 the online shop became increasingly important with all proceeds supporting the Museum. To drive additional income our strategy focused on increasing online shop sales by creating a digital campaign. With both a brand-oriented and product-led creative approach, promoting Christmas gift giving to a tailored audience, we targeted consumers with an affinity to the brand or with an enthusiasm for RAF related interests. This came with some challenges: late to market, heighted competition, no previous campaign benchmarks, website limitations, limited stock and a small media budget. We had to think differently. Our campaign was centred around creativity using the unique value of the RAF Museum to create a transformative digital experience. From tailored ads to custom landing pages we unified the customer journey. We capitalised on Facebook, Instagram, Search and Email to deliver the message to our chosen audience, those with the highest engagement potential, and avoid unnecessary spend. Over 5 weeks, 1.56 million impressions were served, we saw a 111% increase in transactions and 121% uplift in sales. The campaign was a game-changer for the RAF Museum, generating record-breaking results giving them their best Christmas in 20 years.