Hospice UK's communications team

Hospice UK

Despite being a £1.6 billion sector that’s treasured by local communities, the UK’s hospices get left behind. Left behind by funders, by government, and in the media, for more ‘glamorous’ causes or bigger brand names.

This year, Hospice UK’s communications team set out to change that.

We secured more media coverage for hospices than ever before – from tabloid front pages to Sunday Times exclusives and TV breakfast sofas.

We doubled our Google search impressions. We produced our most viewed piece of online content ever. We rebranded – to be bolder, braver, and prouder of what the amazing people working in end-of-life care do every day. We got Hospice UK on the desks of government ministers and regularly cited in the House of Commons.

And we got on the ‘funded’ list of donors we’d only dreamed of before. We did it all with a communications team of just seven, and a marketing budget of just £60,000.

It’s been a tiring, full on year. We’ve pushed ourselves hard.

But we’re so proud that people are talking about hospice care like never before. People are getting serious about the challenges this country faces in end-of-life care. And we’re only just getting started.