Home for Christmas

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity

As was the case for all, 2020 was a particularly tough year for GOSH Charity. Facing a vast funding shortfall, the charity urgently needed to raise the brand’s profile and compel people to find out how they could help, ultimately to drive donations. The charity realised that, to have the biggest impact, it needed to integrate all its Christmas activity under a single campaign idea (the first time the charity had taken this approach). This brought about the Home for Christmas campaign which tapped into the desire we all felt to spend Christmas with loved ones in 2020. It forged a direct link between fundraising and helping to get children home from hospital for Christmas Day. A film spearheaded the campaign and magically brought to life the journey some GOSH patients make from hospital back to their homes at Christmas time. All other Christmas activity from the charity was also based on the Home for Christmas creative idea and allowed the charity to feature the two sides to their Christmas story – wanting to get children home for Christmas, but also ensuring that those who need to stay and receive treatment have the best experience possible within the hospital environment.