HIV Scotland

HIV Scotland was created in 1996 by people living with HIV (PLHIV), activists, and key human rights figures in response to the Scottish Office AIDS Task Force calling for improved provision and coordination of services. We are a highly motivated team of six who advocate, campaign and promote the issues alongside PLHIV to government, business and the community to ensure that their needs are given proper recognition by decision-makers.

Because of funding cuts, HIV Scotland began 2019-20 with a skeleton crew of two and had to quickly review its priorities if the organisation was to survive the year. During this time, we had to prioritise fundraising whilst maintaining vital projects. Despite these challenges, HIV Scotland employed a fundraiser to help navigate back towards financial sustainability. Together, we drafted a new sustainable fundraising strategy, were able identify or create new revenue streams, and begin to move towards financial sustainability. Soon after, we strategically began to employ new staff.

Despite not going back to pre-2018/19 employment levels, the staff are highly motivated individuals who continue to show incredible commitment in improving the lives of PLHIV and to challenge inequalities faced by PLHIV.

HIV Scotland defines the idea of 'Small Charity, Big Achiever'.