Royal Mencap Society

As part of our campaign around the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon, we wanted to tell the stories of our runners specifically our incredible team of runners with a learning disability. Every one of them is defying society's expectations by taking on the challenge of a marathon, and by helping them tell their own stories we hoped to show the world exactly how much people with a learning disability can achieve. The ultimate goal was to smash the stigma surrounding learning disability, show how much people like our runners are underestimated, and to raise awareness of what people with a learning disability can do with the right support.

Aaron is 19, works two jobs and has a learning disability. On top of that, he's running the Virgin Money London Marathon for Mencap. We wanted to inspire all of our runners, supporters, and anyone who came across the video. Aaron's message to the world is simple, 'Prove people wrong'. We wanted to share that with the world.