Helping women to reach economic safety and thrive: transforming responses to economic abuse

Surviving Economic Abuse

Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) and Lloyds banking Group (LBG) have created a first-of-its-kind partnership that offers a unique model of support for victim-survivors of economic abuse.

The partnership brings together SEA’s specialist knowledge about economic abuse in the context of coercive control, with LBG’s commitment to providing safe, effective responses and positive outcomes for colleagues and customers who are experiencing this form of abuse. This is pivotal in helping SEA achieve its mission to raise awareness of economic abuse and transform responses to it. It is cited as an example of best practice in the Financial Conduct Authority’s vulnerable customer guidance. One in seven victim-survivors make their first disclosure of financial abuse to their bank or building society. The partnership recognises the critical importance of creating safe spaces within which victims can disclose abuse, be believed and understood, and be offered help. With a shared goal to help victim-survivors navigate the challenges they face when accessing or separating their finances from an abusive partner, together SEA and LBG are helping victim-survivors to reach economic safety and thrive.