Hanuman Dass

Go Dharmic

Under Hanuman Dass's leadership, GD has achieved significant milestones, including distributing 15 million meals globally, establishing libraries and planting mangroves in India, providing emergency aid in Ukraine, conducting medical checks for vulnerable workers, delivering digital education licenses and restoring sight through cataract operations. Hanuman's journey with GD began with food distributions to the homeless in London; he has since mobilized volunteers, built relationships and created networks to provide support and resources.

Recognising the power of networks, Hanuman has established relief teams and utilized his connections to coordinate funds and resources. He actively engages in public speaking, media initiatives and mentoring young volunteers. Hanuman has also forged corporate links and formed partnerships for social benefit. During the pandemic, he collaborated with Uber to deliver oxygen cylinders and provide free transport. Hanuman's dedication, compassion and integrity have earned him the respect of all involved with GD. He serves as an inspirational leader, driving positive change and impacting the lives of those in need.