Hannah Mudge

The Leprosy Mission

2020 was the most challenging year the charity sector has ever faced. The economy dived, affecting all channels of fundraising. International charities were losing money fast, and smaller ones were closing. It was a year that demanded agile, dynamic, and innovative fundraising, not just to retain existing supporters, but also for acquisition of new donors. Hannah Mudge rose to the challenge and moved Digital at The Leprosy Mission from an afterthought to the forefront of fundraising across all income streams. As a result, the charity has seen record levels of giving in 2020 and 2021 so far. This includes the results of an ambitious UK Aid Match appeal that became their biggest and most successful campaign, and a record-breaking BBC Radio 4 appeal. It’s no surprise that income has grown by 25% to £10million in the last year. ‘Innovation and leadership from our digital team (of just two!) have seen unprecedented levels of engagement with supporters online during the pandemic. Communication between teams and supporters is now in real time, and despite lockdown we feel a more intimate connection with our international partners than we’ve ever had before. Thanks to Hannah, Digital has become the new normal.’ Peter Waddup, CEO