Grief Kind

GOOD Agency

Grief Kind – a national campaign for a national issue. As a nation, we have never been good at discussing grief and death. With the pandemic leaving thousands of people bereaved, there was an urgent need for support.

Sue Ryder found that 4/5 bereaved people felt that people around them didn’t know how to act when they were grieving. Scared of saying the wrong thing, friends and family were saying nothing at all. Working with Sue Ryder, we saw this as an opportunity to help people provide better support to their loved ones, and for the charity to build brand awareness amongst a broader audience. We worked on a collaborative sprint process to design an integrated campaign. We launched Grief Kind with digital and outdoor ads. We provided free sympathy cards with honest, meaningful messages and expert tips and advice. We also produced online classes, with Sue Ryder counsellors giving guidance on how to support someone grieving. The campaign has exceeded all targets, engaging over 200,000 people so far, providing vital and invaluable tools and advice to the nation. We now have an ambitious three-year growth plan that will reach brand new audiences, including a TV and further digital campaign.