Special Olympics Great Britain

Greg Silvester is an extraordinary man who has voluntarily spent over 30 years working for a more inclusive society, trying to break down barriers for people living with, and the stigma attached to, intellectual disabilities. Helping others in any way he can. He is truly an inspiration. From the age of 10, when Greg began training and competing in gymnastics with Special Olympics GB, he has devoted a huge amount of time to transforming the lives of people with intellectual disabilities as a volunteer, coach, ambassador, and for nine years, as a Special Olympics GB Board Trustee, fighting discrimination and raising hundreds of thousands of pounds along the way.

Special Olympics GB is a non-profit organisation which, through a year round sports programme, transforms the lives of children and adults with intellectual (learning) disabilities. For people with intellectual disabilities they have very few role models. Greg is a role model like no other. Not only is he a genuine inspiration for the 10,000 Special Olympics GB Athletes, he's inspired so many other people with and without intellectual disabilities on a local, national and international level about the need for change, acceptance and inclusion.

Greg has Down's syndrome.