Greater Heights Campaign

The Leprosy Mission

The Greater Heights Appeal was launched to build a world-class Research Centre at Anandaban Hospital in Nepal, and to shine a light on this curable disease. At £2.2 million to date, the campaign was an unprecedented success, beating target by over 300%. It also generated the largest individual donation ever of £500,000.

The campaign increased both awareness and support by using an authentic voice, enabling people to share their own stories and experiences in their own words. By amplifying their voices, the campaign brought supporters closer to the people they are helping. This bridged the divide of ‘us’ and ‘them,’ inviting collaboration and unity against leprosy. The appeal partnered the UK public with individuals affected by leprosy and key staff at Anandaban Hospital. Messaging highlighted that leprosy diagnosis is not an end, but a beginning. We celebrated people’s hopes and dreams about the greater heights they wanted to achieve in life. We also championed the stories of the amazing team at Anandaban who, bound together by their faith in their patients’ potential, transform lives every day. This motivated both existing and new supporters to unite to help end leprosy in our lifetime through research.