Great Beginnings, Bright Futures

Twinings and Save the Children

Twinings and Save the Children set out to improve child nutrition and reduce child mortality in communities in rural China where Twinings sources tea. This is part of “Sourced with Care”, Twinings’ responsible sourcing programme. Our goal was that no child under two suffers from malnutrition in remote areas of Cangyuan county, China. Working through hospitals to train healthcare providers, as well as directly with the community, our partnership set to enhance infant and young child feeding services over three years. Ÿ We reached over 44,000 people; including 5,927 babies under two through training hospital workers as well as various community activities. Ÿ The rate of exclusive breastfeeding for babies under six-months has increased 10x compared to the baseline. Ÿ The final evaluation saw that measures for feeding practices (meal frequency and acceptable diet) in programme communities were all around 50% higher than in control groups. Ÿ The practises set up through the programme have been adopted by local hospitals, meaning support for 1000s more mothers and babies long into the future. The numbers show that together we have dramatically improved huge factors impacting child survival and child health across these tea communities now and into the future.