Goodbye My Love

This Life

Domestic violence is a critical issue in Cambodia. 66% of the population believe that women should remain silent for the sake of the family and 8% of the country are unaware that domestic violence is even a crime. Additionally, a third of Cambodian men admit to having physically abused a woman at least once.

This Life participated in the annual 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender-based Violence. Our campaign tackled this issue with a production and release of a video called ‘Goodbye My Love’, and an interlinked social media campaign of the same name. The social media campaign consisted of 36 postings over 18 days. Each post was a powerful message on domestic abuse, including reasons why women stay in abusive relationships, victim blaming, types of abuse. Other posts also included guidance for victims and/or those aware of ongoing abuse, divorce procedures (a massive cultural and legal challenge in Cambodia), animations illustrating what healthy relationships should look like, and much more. We collaborated with Cambodian influencers with large followings (500K+) to share our message and content on their platforms, as well as public officials and NGOs who lent their support and shared the campaign on their own platforms.