Generation Green

YHA (England & Wales)

Generation Green was a 16-month funded project delivered by the Access Unlimited coalition – 15 not-for-profit organisations led by YHA. It was in response to Julian Glover’s Landscapes Review published in 2019 by DEFRA, the Government’s 25yr Environment Plan and YHA’s new 10yr strategy.

Through new jobs, training, volunteering roles, residentials and outdoor and online learning experiences, the project provided more than 102,500 opportunities to connect young people to nature – many for the first time – and to cultivate a sense of care for the natural environment. A digital resource library created by the patterners took the number of opportunities to nearly 300,000. Generation Green also safeguarded three at risk positions, created 16 new jobs, recruited seven apprentices and an intern. The project also opened pathways to employment in the outdoor sector through Kickstart roles and more than 700 volunteering roles, all helping build an aspirant workforce for a green recovery. Generation Green also, addressing the lack of diversity in the UKs environment workforce and creating lasting change; BAME groups, young people from ‘Levelling Up’ areas and other marginalised groups would not only enjoy nature but shape the way that others see it.