Gail Scott-Spicer

King's College Hospital Charity

Gail Scott-Spicer is a dynamic, focussed Chief Executive. She joined King’s College Hospital Charity in July 2018 bringing a clear strategic view and determination to transform our culture to reflect our newly created values of Ambitious; Caring; Integrity; Innovative & Creative; Caring & Supportive; Collaborative. We have grown significantly since Gail joined, in terms of staff numbers and ambition. A skilled communicator, Gail motivates staff, Trustees, Foundation Trust, patients and donors alike. She approaches challenges with positivity and practicality that now permeate our charity. At the outset of the pandemic, we, like the rest of the country were plunged into uncertainty. Unlike most we were in position to make a difference to covid patients and NHS staff immediately; a challenge that we had no alternative than to rise to, in spite of the practical difficulties. 15 months on, we are rightly proud of what we’ve achieved during the pandemic, thanks to Gail’s leadership. We collaborated and performed like never before, sought opportunities, harnessed the power of partnerships, delivering maximum benefit to those who needed us most. As we hope to move beyond the pandemic, Gail looks to the longer term; building upon those successes and growing maintaining impact.