True North

Founded in 1833, Gaddum is one of Manchester's oldest charities. It provides support in mental health and wellbeing to disadvantaged children, young people and adults in Greater Manchester. In that time, they've helped people through cholera, the cotton famine and austerity, right up to recent terrorist attacks.

Over time, the breadth of Gaddum's services had grown, but because of the nature of its network of delivery partners, awareness and understanding of Gaddum had begun to erode. This undermined staff efforts, the cohesion of services and centralised fundraising.

The new brand strategy and identity elevates the organisation's uniquely personal approach to helping people in crisis. The new brand is defined by a calm, conversational language, more than a logo.

True to the origins of the organisation and to the way its staff work today, the new brand helps to reposition Gaddum as an approachable, friendly expert whom you can confide in and rely upon to help you get through the toughest of times.

The rebrand has helped to unite the organisation and make staff proud and confident again in delivering their best, and has helped clarify its offer for commissioners and users alike.