Fundraising Team

SOS Children's Villages UK

The SOS Children’s Villages UK Fundraising team should win this award, for our resilience, determination, team spirit and ambition, culminating in impressive fundraising performance across the team, during a year of immense challenge and against the context of having to rebuild the organisation. Our success resulted in 30% growth in fundraising income in 2021, net of legacies, compared to 2020 (incl. legacies this is 86%). Key to our fundraising success has been our honest approach to building relationships with donors, which meant being clear about the challenges we face as a small organisation with limited resources and low brand awareness, and the risks associated with international development programming, such as safeguarding, potential fraud and corruption, and being faced with unforeseen disasters and political instability. By being upfront about these challenges, we managed to take donors with us and strengthened our relationships. Together, we have developed a One Team mentality, ensuring we embrace opportunities, remain focused on our strategic priorities and maximise our strengths. Our success is shared across the whole team, celebrating our achievements when we needed to prove that we could pull together and turn things around for SOS UK during a particularly tough year.