Fundraising Team

Together for Short Lives

This is a story about how a small fundraising team found the belief to go out and do extra-ordinary things (and turn it into a winning habit). Creating a great fundraising culture that has taken income from £3m to £7m for children’s charity, Together for Short Lives in just 12 months – the most successful period in the charity’s history.

A team who couldn’t accept that over 99,000 families were struggling through their child’s short lives alone. They couldn’t save a child’s life, but they could raise transformational amounts of money so these families could treasure every moment they have together. They looked around at the best in the sector and at times battled with imposter syndrome, but drew on incredible family stories to motivate themselves and together found a steely resolve to switch their mindset to ‘not if, but when we win’. This inspired the team and became infectious (amongst our donors, prospects, and staff). With a renewed joy and energy in raising more money for our mission they set about achieving: -Our largest corporate partnership ever -Our largest grant win ever -Our most successful Ball ever