Fundraising Team

Become Charity

Become is the national charity dedicated to serving care-experienced children and young people. We put young people at the heart of everything we do, helping them be powerful agents of change in their own lives, the care system and society. There are now more children in care than ever before, over 107,000 in the UK, with the care system under huge pressure and less able to properly support and look after children.

To enable our work to meet this spiralling crisis and increasing demand for our services, we’ve diversified our streams away from an overreliance on Trusts, reached wider audiences, and grown our public brand awareness & support. Despite both internal and external challenges, we achieved record income in every income stream, raising a total of £1.85K, treble what was raised five years ago, whilst always holding to our values and keeping the voices of the young people we work with at our heart.

We collaborated with other teams and organisations, developed major partnerships and successfully fostered a culture of ‘everyone’s a fundraiser’ across Become. This led to not only an outstanding 2023/24, but strong foundations for sustainable fundraising into the future.