Fundraising, Communication & Engagement

Breast Cancer Now

After two mergers in three years and a pandemic, the Fundraising, Communications & Engagement team at Breast Cancer Now have spent the last year focussing on how we work rather than what we do, to transform income at the charity. Through significant investment of time, we have successfully moved away from siloed, sub-team-first thinking to a truly integrated culture with supporters at the heart of every decision.

Goals have been redeveloped around key priorities such as evolving our foundations, generating sustainable funds and unlocking the power of our communities, and teams have come together on big-ticket opportunities such as the house lottery, Omaze, and the London Marathon. The Leadership team has launched ‘Project People’ to retain our brilliant people, building on commitments to develop our people to be the best they can be.

And all of these changes have delivered bigger and better results. Against an ambitious target of £40million, we are on course to raise a further £2 million, enabling us to accelerate the changes we need to see for people affected by breast cancer and ensure that our 2050 vision, that everybody diagnosed with breast cancer will live and be supported to live well, becomes a reality.