For More Life Without Cancer

Yorkshire Cancer Research

Yorkshire is one of the regions hardest hit by cancer, with over 30,000 people diagnosed with cancer every year. Despite funding life-saving research in the region for nearly 100 years, Yorkshire Cancer Research has extremely low brand awareness. Following a rebrand in 2021, the charity introduced an organisational focus to raise awareness to 12% by 2025.

This brand awareness campaign brings Yorkshire’s cancer story to life by sharing the experiences of three individuals who have survived cancer due to vital developments in cancer research. Hearing their experiences in their own words is a powerful reminder of how devastating cancer diagnoses and treatment can be, and that thankfully, they now have more life to live. Yorkshire Cancer Research exists to give this more life – hence the campaign name and tagline “For More Life Without Cancer” – that’s the aim, the goal, the hope. The campaign aired on regional TV, Digital, PR and through our researchers. It resulted in the highest awareness figures for the charity since it launched, reaching 10% awareness in the region (up from 7% - the previous highest). Crucially, the campaign also fostered meaningful engagement by encouraging people in Yorkshire to share what “more life” means to them.