For Every Kind brand campaign film


This film shines a light on the joy of animals when they are allowed to really live their best lives, happy and fulfilled, and full of emotions and experiences. It’s part of the RSPCA’s 2024 brand campaign encouraging everyone to rethink their relationship with all animals - and realise that every one of them deserves all our kindness… and R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Developed with the creative agency AMV BBDO, it features animals—both real and fictional—singing Aretha Franklin’s "RESPECT" while showcasing the many ways animals are disrespected, their personalities and emotions suppressed.

The cast is made up of animals both real and fictitious, a mixed media medley of live action, animation and everything in between, reflecting not just the breadth of animals we come into contact with every day, but the depth of their personalities and richness of their character.

It successfully put animal welfare at the top of the agenda by making headline news. And crucially these conversations are inspiring everyone to be kinder to every animal.