Fix Dementia Care

Alzheimer's Society

The Fix Dementia Care/Coronavirus campaign swiftly focused on the coronavirus response’s exposure of the state of social care, helping achieve crucial policy changes for people affected by dementia (PABD), worst hit by coronavirus – in terms of virus deaths but also soaring dementia deaths/deterioration linked to lockdowns’ impact. We believe it achieved significant Government influence and change while heavily relying on earned media targeted at Government/key decision-makers - with no budget/no paid media. The focus was on achieving change, not campaign recognition. Partnerships were used - uniting seven dementia charities (One Dementia Voice) behind care home visit calls, and forming other charity coalitions to achieve the most effective results. The reactive, unknown context meant policy guidelines had to be interpreted and communicated about at speed, and the Society’s crucial role earned as a policy adviser needed to be balanced with holding Government to account, ensuring strategic placement of media moments with carefully considered messaging e.g calling for care home visiting guidelines, then using media relationships to react swiftly to change coverage from positive to concerned. The impact was clear: the joy and relief as families were reunited in care homes and care homes/workers given priority alongside NHS has flooded media outlets.