Finance Team

Young Lives Cancer

In a year where the cost of living shot sky high, we launched a crisis appeal and quickly implemented a new additional crisis grant in October 2022. It was imperative that we supported those who were really struggling, so we provided a grant, of an additional £500,000 for young cancer patients and their families with the greatest need, in addition to our existing grants, to help with whatever hardship they were facing, such as heating a home, giving a child with cancer a warm coat or for putting petrol in the car to get to lifesaving treatment.

The finance team were pivotal in the provision and execution of this additional £500,000, without them the crucial support needed to help cover the extra costs that have arisen from, not only a cancer diagnosis but also the increased cost of all of those necessary items, such as fuel, heating, blankets, hats, coats, duvets and the basic provision of food.