Family Holiday Charity re-brand

Family Holiday Charity

Family Holiday Charity helps families get time away together, often for the first time ever. We're here for children who've never seen the sea. For teenagers who can't remember when they last saw mum smile. For parents having to choose between a day out and a pair of school shoes.

Holidays open up new possibilities. There’s time enough to share a laugh, watch the tide come in, and make happier memories. Whatever the weather, if it means time spent together, even a day’s holiday helps build relationships, confidence and hope for the future. Formerly known as the Family Holiday Association, we wouldn’t have described ourselves with that succinct and purposeful statement. Our name was confusing – association rather implied something different than we are – and our visual identity was tired and incoherent. We’re a small charity and we need broad funding and engagement to support our mission. This audience led re-brand makes that clear and is relatable to everyone. Post-pandemic demand for holidays is understandably high. Taking action to reach a wider audience and properly represent the communities we work with is part of our plan to ensure we are here for families facing tough times for many years to come.