Family Action

Family Action supports some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged families and individuals in our society. As soon as Coronavirus struck, we knew these people, especially children and young people, were going to be amongst those hardest hit and we would be needed more than ever. We seized the opportunity to not just keep going, but to think what else we could do to help and then raised the money to realise those plans. As a result we have supported individuals and families across the country via access to affordable food, with emergency financial grants and with a range of practical resources to help them survive lockdown. At the same time we have expanded our free helpline, created a new emotional support service for care leavers and enhanced many of our existing services. Through ‘innovating at pace’ we have supported families and individuals to overcome the many challenges the pandemic has brought with practical, emotional and financial help. We have done everything we can to ensure that those individuals and families have a much better chance of getting through the pandemic in one piece. That is how we build stronger families even in the context of a global pandemic.