Erim Metto

Turkish Cypriot Community Association

COVID-19 has cause unprecedented devastation to the social fabric of our world. Its effects touched the lives of every single individual in particular the vulnerable. Turkish Cypriot Community Association (TCCA), the largest Turkish Speaking charity in the UK, has been serving the needs of elderly, frail, and those with needs since 1976. In March 2020, TCCA launched the COVID-19 Support Initiative. From a standing start, the initiative was on a weekly basis, producing 800 meals, 300 essential-packs, befriending for 100 elders, supporting a 24-hour helpline, maintaining a WhatsApp information point, streaming information programmes, holding online events to help with wellbeing and even managed to hold a online community festival that was viewed by over 50000 people. Support was also given to three hospitals, four care-homes, two fire stations, ten community centres and a local police station. The initiative continued to develop and reacts to the ever-changing Covid-19 environment. TCCA has added a counselling service, Vaccination Ambassadors programme encouraging uptake of the vaccine from within the BAME community and micro business support programme helping and TCCA Covid Compliance scheme helping BAME micro community business with the help needed so that they can operate safely and in line with current good practice.