Our Equal World campaign app, developed specifically to allow us to gather petition signatures from people in remote areas or without access to the internet, who would ordinarily be excluded from taking part in a digital campaign action. The app, which supported our Equal World campaign for the rights of people with disabilities to be upheld around the world, helped us hit 50,000 signatures on our petition that was handed in to the United Nations Under-Secretary-General Ana Maria Menendez.

We campaigned in 14 countries with separate campaign asks for each country's government running alongside the global ask to the the UN to uphold disability rights, and the app meant that staff in our country offices could go out into the field and collect signatures offline using android phones. Participants could write their name with a finger directly onto a mobile device screen to sign the petition, and when the staff member or programme officer returned to an area with internet coverage, the data would be automatically uploaded and sent to our team based in the UK.