Entrepreneurship for Disadvantaged Young People

Ultra Education CIC

Ultra Education C.I.C exists to inspire positive and lasting change in the lives of young people who would otherwise suffer from the disadvantage of their starting point. We are focussed on those from minority communities for whom the existing education system does not deliver. Our core values support equality, diversity, and the capacity for human capability to go beyond expectations. At Ultra Education, we believe passion should be at the forefront of starting a business, that’s why our tagline is #DoWhatYouLove! We have helped thousands of young people to start their own businesses from their interests or passions. From artists, to foodies, authors, fashionistas, cosmetics and lots more! OUR VALUES We seek success for children and young people We continuously innovate in what we offer and how we operate We care about the importance and impact that education provides We support 2500 young people each year, targeting underrepresented and marginalised communities, including BME, refugees, young people with behavioural and neurodivergent issues, those not in mainstream education and at risk of crime or anti-social behaviour. Providing children and young people with essential business and economic insights, and, crucially, it also builds personal resilience, awareness and skills, thereby improving mental health well-being.