Engaging children in charity fundraising


Children can change the world. They are caring and curious, enthusiastic and empathetic. Sometimes they just need the tools. That’s what SuperKind is for.

SuperKind is the world’s first ever cross-charity fundraising platform designed just for kids and their schools. We differentiate from other fundraising platforms in that we process children’s data according to strict children’s GDPR laws and treat children’s privacy with the utmost importance, making SuperKind the only fundraising platform that can be legally used in schools. Our platform is full of features to make fundraising fun for kids (such as being able to collect badges for their fundraising) as well as reducing the burdens of old fashioned paper sponsorship forms to teachers (including lost forms, pledges that don’t get collected, coins that stay at the bottom of the schoolbags… and all the counting at the end!). SuperKind empowers the 5.5million primary school children in the UK to raise money online for over 30,000 charities and good causes in a safe and fun way that gives them maximum agency - something that has been shown to be essential for developing a lifetime habit of charitable engagement in generations to come.