#EndSewagePollution Campaign

Surfers Against Sewage

The #EndSewagePollution campaign was one of the most successful environmental political advocacy campaigns of the last year. Millions of people engaged with the campaign through digital, media and social media. The campaign generated a tidal wave of public, media and political awareness and engagement around the sewage pollution scandal and the lack of government action to address the crises in our rivers and seas. By creating a groundswell of public outrage, the campaign resulted in significant amendments to the Environment Bill being made as it passed through parliament. With over 27,000 emails being sent by the public to MP’s in just 2 weeks demanding amendments to the Environment Bill that would place a legal duty on the water industry to stop sewage pollution, the campaign forced the government to make a huge U-turn on its policy position. New guidance to the price regulator Ofwat, for the fist time, puts the protection of the environment central to priorities for the next price review. The campaign has resulted in some of the most significant progress being made to tackle the sewage pollution scandal in over 20 years, helping to protect human health and the environment.