Pregnant Then Screwed

Did you know that 54,000 women are pushed out of their jobs every year just for falling pregnant? It's quite possible that you don't know; just 1% of these claims end up at employment tribunal, and of those that do 99% result in a settlement and a non-disclosure agreement, preventing that woman from ever speaking out.

Pregnant Then Screwed was born in 2015 as an online space for women to anonymously share these experiences. In just five years, we have gone from a community interest company campaigning about maternity discrimination to a charity that supports thousands of mothers every year to challenge unfair treatment at work. We are led by women with lived experienced of maternity discrimination and have spoken about this at the UN and regularly appear in national media, while our extensive research is frequently cited in parliament. But the opinions that matter the most to us are those of the women we help through our support services, which include a free legal advice line, a flexible working hotline and a tribunal mentoring programme. These are not 'just mums', they are an army of women who want to see change and an end to the motherhood penalty.