Encephalitis Society Fundraising Team

Encephalitis Society

Globally important, complex but small. That is the Encephalitis Society and as the link between COVID-19 and encephalitis begins to be more understood, never has demand for the charity services been so great as it was last year, yet our ability to fundraise continued to be diminished.

We understand that charities only do two things, they raise money, and they spend money and that fundraising during this difficult time remained a vital activity, and our team never lost focus on raising the income necessary to help even more people. So, during this challenging pandemic year, the tiny fundraising team focussed on rebuilding community fundraising, designed, and delivered their first ever digital fundraising challenge, delivered bespoke individual giving appeals, introduced a value-based major donor club, and grew their corporate partnerships and trust and foundation relationships. The team are on target to complete the year 4% above target which for a tiny team, coping with common challenges like recruitment gaps and the economic crisis, is a huge achievement.